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Great work today guys! Now we move on to our next section of the class :) 
The Triad: 
John Harris
Graphic, scale, high contrast of shapes and details
Simple value groups
Illustrative, clear
Edge manipulation
            Breaking away from a graphic look
John Berkey
More suggestive
Usage of Casein paints
Ability to convey so much information is such a simplified and organized method
Confident strokes
Syd Mead
Primitive Shapes
Ability to depict numerous material indications, rather than just simple ‘matte’ surfaces which is more typical for a Harris or Berkey style
A master of surface detail

The task for this week is to do...
Master Copy (1)
Still Life Paintings (2)
replicating a style of any of the listed illustrators. Good luck.

1. Start off with a drawing
2. Place an underpainting or tone the canvas
3. Isolate the main object or shape from the sky or background plane
4. Aim for the big graphic shapes first to organize any details or tertiary information you place later
            Locate all the major landmarks within the main graphic shapes
5. Add volume to your main shape; major form renderings
6. Expressive and confident brush strokes
<Abstract textures overlaid on top of your painting>

Thus.. Shape (Week 1), graphic detail (Week 3), form rendering (Week 5)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I found this video on YouTube and since it is so relevant to the class I thought I would share it.

There is also an eyvind earl 3 part documentary that is interesting to see his development and his body of work.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 3 homework

I had to leave during the critiques, but here's what I did for the homework.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


For this week's task:

  1. Create a painting based off of a photo
  2. Create your own concept into a painting or just continue developing your photo conversion implementing your own idea

The purpose of these studies is for...
Building a visual vocabulary
Coming up with an idea through a rough drawing
Progressively learning to be more creative in designing

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If you guys have further questions or problems then my email is...

Week 3_Alex D'Romero

Hey So I thought I would post these here since I wasn't able to make it into class.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Crits Homework wj02

Ryan - be more graphic

Jeff - Use complex shadow with simple shape

ToYan Chen - be more graphic and focus on simple vs complex

Jia How- simplify the lighting, study more at his graphic shapes

Liao Po-Yang - be more graphic with your shapes, like the temple is too complex for the Style

Girl ._. - simplify it like your first painting

Michael Newcomer - your silhouette is too complex, use more contrast on shapes, like your tree vs your rocks are pretty round, you could make the trees more angular

Aaron - be more contrasty

Amaya - keep the information a simple shape

Kevin - take some of the character out of the tree so you can focus on the house

Girl 2 - nice, you are using too much medium shapes, try to use use more shape contrast

Hidehisa - nice job, divide your painting into tree


Looking forward to seeing what you guys have done! Just letting you know that we will be moving on to a new set of artists this week so I've compiled a folder of these artists and their work :)

Alberto Mielgo
Robh Ruppel
Neil Campbell Ross

Alberto Mielgo talk:


  • What abstract shapes can be used to represent what we see?
  • Reduce everything we see to simple geometric shapes and the fewest values
  • Getting the value relationships as correct is possible is the goal because then you can define the shapes as graphically represented in any way whatsoever. The "illusion" of reality is sold through the initial tones and colors
  • Make design choices, which is something that will make your work stand out from what a computer or any filter can attempt to do
  • Good design contrasts the area of visual rest with visual complexity

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crits HW 1

Chang -break the symmetry

Liao Po-Yang - be careful the tangents.

Jia How - keep it simple

Diana Ling - push the shapes

Michael Newcomer - overlap, don't be very symmetrical 

Lilit Beglarian - large, medium, small shapes. Try to incorporate your ideas more in the painting

Amaya - good job

Kevin - nice, we hate you :)

Hidehisa - be careful with the overlaps, keep an eye on the tangents 

Justina - good job on making the transition from life to painting. 

Edward - they look better than the originals 

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Great job this week guys!

For this week's task:

  1. Do ONE photo study/conversion referencing off of Eyvind Earle's style
  2. Then create ONE more painting depicting your own concept/idea

Week 2

Experimental Digital Painting 3
What is a silhouette?
Find the gesture of an object or shape
            … And emphasize it! To characterize it.
            Prepare all the basic elements needed to do your studies
Always build up to your shapes: Focus on the big shapes first, medium then small. Don’t get bogged down with tedious details
Rigid, yet contained
            “Harmony Within Chaos”
Learn and master the tools and features Photoshop has to offer to help not only just work faster but work smarter
            Utilize the different layer modes
Pick your colors so you can focus more on the actual important aspects of these studies which are developing stronger compositions and figuring out the gesture of an object
Add textures into areas that’ll help reinforce the gesture of your piece.

Use an existing eyvind earle painting as reference for the color palette

If you guys need any additional help or would like to learn more about the basic principles of how color works, then here's some of my notes from other classes