Sunday, February 12, 2017

Crits Homework wj02

Ryan - be more graphic

Jeff - Use complex shadow with simple shape

ToYan Chen - be more graphic and focus on simple vs complex

Jia How- simplify the lighting, study more at his graphic shapes

Liao Po-Yang - be more graphic with your shapes, like the temple is too complex for the Style

Girl ._. - simplify it like your first painting

Michael Newcomer - your silhouette is too complex, use more contrast on shapes, like your tree vs your rocks are pretty round, you could make the trees more angular

Aaron - be more contrasty

Amaya - keep the information a simple shape

Kevin - take some of the character out of the tree so you can focus on the house

Girl 2 - nice, you are using too much medium shapes, try to use use more shape contrast

Hidehisa - nice job, divide your painting into tree

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