Sunday, February 5, 2017


Great job this week guys!

For this week's task:

  1. Do ONE photo study/conversion referencing off of Eyvind Earle's style
  2. Then create ONE more painting depicting your own concept/idea

Week 2

Experimental Digital Painting 3
What is a silhouette?
Find the gesture of an object or shape
            … And emphasize it! To characterize it.
            Prepare all the basic elements needed to do your studies
Always build up to your shapes: Focus on the big shapes first, medium then small. Don’t get bogged down with tedious details
Rigid, yet contained
            “Harmony Within Chaos”
Learn and master the tools and features Photoshop has to offer to help not only just work faster but work smarter
            Utilize the different layer modes
Pick your colors so you can focus more on the actual important aspects of these studies which are developing stronger compositions and figuring out the gesture of an object
Add textures into areas that’ll help reinforce the gesture of your piece.

Use an existing eyvind earle painting as reference for the color palette

If you guys need any additional help or would like to learn more about the basic principles of how color works, then here's some of my notes from other classes

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  1. Hi John,

    Would it be possible to post the video you mentioned on the demo on Edgar Payne's types of compositions? Would love to get deeper info on how to build a better read on my paintings.