Sunday, February 12, 2017


Looking forward to seeing what you guys have done! Just letting you know that we will be moving on to a new set of artists this week so I've compiled a folder of these artists and their work :)

Alberto Mielgo
Robh Ruppel
Neil Campbell Ross

Alberto Mielgo talk:


  • What abstract shapes can be used to represent what we see?
  • Reduce everything we see to simple geometric shapes and the fewest values
  • Getting the value relationships as correct is possible is the goal because then you can define the shapes as graphically represented in any way whatsoever. The "illusion" of reality is sold through the initial tones and colors
  • Make design choices, which is something that will make your work stand out from what a computer or any filter can attempt to do
  • Good design contrasts the area of visual rest with visual complexity

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