Sunday, February 26, 2017


Great work today guys! Now we move on to our next section of the class :) 
The Triad: 
John Harris
Graphic, scale, high contrast of shapes and details
Simple value groups
Illustrative, clear
Edge manipulation
            Breaking away from a graphic look
John Berkey
More suggestive
Usage of Casein paints
Ability to convey so much information is such a simplified and organized method
Confident strokes
Syd Mead
Primitive Shapes
Ability to depict numerous material indications, rather than just simple ‘matte’ surfaces which is more typical for a Harris or Berkey style
A master of surface detail

The task for this week is to do...
Master Copy (1)
Still Life Paintings (2)
replicating a style of any of the listed illustrators. Good luck.

1. Start off with a drawing
2. Place an underpainting or tone the canvas
3. Isolate the main object or shape from the sky or background plane
4. Aim for the big graphic shapes first to organize any details or tertiary information you place later
            Locate all the major landmarks within the main graphic shapes
5. Add volume to your main shape; major form renderings
6. Expressive and confident brush strokes
<Abstract textures overlaid on top of your painting>

Thus.. Shape (Week 1), graphic detail (Week 3), form rendering (Week 5)

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