Sunday, March 5, 2017


Great job this week guys! Good to see you guys all improving with each passing week :) Keep it up!
The task for this week is to:
  • (1) Photo Conversion 
  • Can be reinterpreted into your own concept/idea. Focus on design this week
Dropbox Link:
Syd mead focuses on design more than anything else
How to design: Have reference and artist inspiration and do your own version
            Build visual vocabulary
            By copying, you install all that visual vocabulary into your head to apply to your own future 
Look up reference images that before attempting a design...
            vibe off of the atmosphere and play around with the shapes
            ‘training-wheels method’: copy basically 90% of the image and add 10% of your own taste/flavor
"Over-rendering is like over explaining something."
            Brush economy: get to the point.


  1. Hi Guys! There's no link to dropbox, long typo.

    1. The dropbox link will be the same on all weeks :)