Sunday, March 12, 2017


For this week:
[1] Pick one of the three artists: Sargent, Zorn, or Schmidt
[2] Create a pseudo master copy and/or a still life painting
Apply what you've learned from these artists

Depicting good contrast through...
Edge Control & Brush Economy

  • Start off by giving yourself around 2-3 brushes as your primary tool
    • it will streamline your process of painting
  • Tone the overall page generally with a warm tone
    • then establish the sky tone
    • start off by looking everything as a graphic shape representing the actual masses of the subject matter
  • Establish local colors
  • Keep it really loose at first and try to avoid rendering or zoning in on small details until the later stages after the foundation is established
  • Ideally, you want to keep it simple yet informative
  • Learn how to reverse engineer a finished image
  • Understanding how to add things in and how to edit things out
  • Study real life
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